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Email Marketing Content

I met Joe in an online workplace. He sent me a couple of samples of his work and I really liked how it was done. But we lost touch. I searched for new writers but his work is simply unique. I searched for him for a couple of days and weeks and finally found him on his blog!

Well, as they say, the rest is history. He didn’t fail my expectations. It was worth the search! His writing is very outstanding and he’s professional with his work and the way he manages tasks. And this means a long term work relationship. Thank you so much Joe.

from Chris


Content Review

I am a casual follower of Joe’s blog but I don’t know him personally. When I saw Joe was going to give content writing a go as a freelancer I decided to give it a go. I commissioned a couple of ‘How to’ articles and half a dozen product descriptions.

So how did Joe do? Really well actually. The articles are well researched, written in a user-friendly way and make good use of the keywords. Joe even popped in some external links to authority pages. The job was delivered well in advance of the agreed deadline. I could have no doubt got this written cheaper elsewhere but it wouldn’t have been to such a high standard.

Will I be back with more content writing work – absolutely yes. Tom.